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The confidentiality of information is of great importance for us. Since we are responsible for your data, we have developed a policy that guarantees their full protection during Pink use. Main themes:

1. What information we collect and how it happens

2. How we use this information and with whom we share it

3. How can you access this information and make changes?

4. How we protect the information we store about you

Legal provisions

We know that the use of someone else's personal data is a big problem for social networking users, so we have developed this Privacy Policy ("Policy") so you know how we use personal data.

This Policy applies every time you use the Pink mobile app and the site ("Pink" or "site", including mobile applications ("Application")), and it operates in conjunction with our Terms of use ("Conditions"). By using the site and / or the Pink app, you agree to the Privacy Policy and authorize the collection, storage, use and distribution of your personal data in accordance with this Policy.

Pink reserves the right to change the Privacy Policy at any time without prior notice, so please, occasionally look through this section to stay informed about how we use your personal data.


1. Users of the Pink app and visitors to the site

What is the processing of personal data?

Personal data processing - any action (operation) or a set of actions (operations) performed using automation tools or without using such tools with personal data, including collection, recording, systematization, accumulation, storage, updating (updating, modification), extraction, use, transfer (distribution, provision, access), depersonalization, blocking, deletion, destruction of personal data.

What kind of information does Pink collect about me if I decide to join the Pink community or take advantage of some of the functions?

Pink is a place for lesbian dating.

To join the Pink, you need to create a profile. During registration, you will need to provide an email address and a password to log in. After registration, you can also provide other information about yourself, but they are not required. You control your profile and this data is available to you at any time - just go to your "Profile" and you will be able to fix or update information about yourself.

What kind of information does Pink collect about me if I'm not yet 18 years old?

You can join the Pink network or use its separate functions only if you are already 18 years old. This means that Pink intentionally does not collect any information about persons under 18 years of age. We do not engage or encourage the use of our service by persons under the age of 18 years. If you are under 18 years old, please do not provide us with information about yourself. If we become aware that someone under the age of 18 has registered with us and provided his personal data, we will take measures to stop registering this user and remove his / her profile and any information from the Pink. If we deleted the profile because you violated our rule about the minimum age allowed (18 years), we can save your email and IP addresses so that you do not try to bypass our rules by creating a new profile.

Does Pink collect my personal data if I am not a user of the site, but just a visitor?

We collect personal information from visitors to the site only in case of filling out the feedback form. For operational communication, we ask you to provide an email address. We do not store or use the received email addresses for any other purpose than contacting the user for the purpose of answering the question asked.

If I place additional information about myself in the application, what does Pink do with this information?

In Pink you can easily make new acquaintances, communicate with other users, talk about yourself. Using the App, you should consider that any published information will be publicly available to both the users of the App and not to users.

We recommend and encourage you (and all our users) to think about the information that they disclose about themselves.

We do not recommend that you include e-mail addresses, URLs, messenger data, phone numbers, full names and addresses, credit card information, national identification numbers, driver license information and other confidential information in your profile that is open to abuse and wrong use.

Please be careful with publishing valuable information about yourself in your profile, such as your religion and health data. Although you can voluntarily provide us with this information when creating a profile, including your sexual preferences and ethnic origin, there is no requirement to do so. Please, remember that the photos you post in Pink can disclose these types of sensitive personal information. If you specify or upload sensitive information about yourself, you consent to the processing of information and making it publicly available to other users.

By publishing information about yourself or using a chat, you share your personal information at your own peril and risk. If you post something that does not comply with our Terms of Use, we reserve the right to cancel your account.

What data is collected about me if I use the Pink mobile app?

Wherever you are, you have the opportunity to communicate with your friends, make new acquaintances, and stay in touch with your contacts that you purchased through the application. You can do this using your mobile phone.

When you use a mobile application or desktop application, we will collect information about the Wi-Fi access point, as well as your location (latitude and longitude). This information helps us determine your physical location so that it can appear on your profile and other users can see it in the "Map" and "People" section, and also to send important notifications and traffic messages from nearby users.

If you do not want your location to be known, please do not use the Pink mobile app. If you have enabled location detection, but you want to turn it off, follow these instructions:

  1. iPhone - Settings, Geolocation Services, Disable

  2. Android - Profile, Privacy, Disable

What information about me is collected if I use paid Pink services?

When you use the additional Pink functions, we collect the financial information that is required to process payment by your chosen payment method. Please note that we do not store credit card information or other payment card details. Nevertheless, our providers of payment systems store these data (and they are obliged to do so by law).

When you use Pink, we collect certain technical information about your computer system or mobile device, as well as statistical data on how you use our services. We use this information to improve our site and services.

Does Pink collect any of my personal data?

If you contact our support through the Support, we will receive your email address, the information you send to us, and we can track your IP address to help solve your problem. We will keep records of our correspondence with you, including any complaints that we receive from you about other users (and from other users about you).

Will Pink send me anything?

For informational purposes, we will periodically send you information messages. You can unsubscribe from the mailing list by clicking on the link at the end of the email.

With whom Pink shares my data?

We may provide third parties with aggregate information that includes your personal information (but which does not directly identify you) together with other information, including third party data, for market analysis and demographic data, in order to display targeted advertising about other products and services.

We can share your data with the following categories of third parties:

  1. IT companies (hardware and software) that provide services to support our products

  2. Fraud prevention and anti-spam services to protect the service from criminal activity

  3. Moderators that track activity on the site and in content verification applications

  4. Advertising partners and suppliers of targeted advertising

  5. Law enforcement authorities, if necessary, provide data on the law, as well as to protect life

  6. Payment and telecommunication companies to pay for our premium services

We guarantee that these parties act in accordance with the data protection and confidentiality provisions of this Policy. We do our best to ensure that all data remains as anonymous.

In the event that the Pink or any of our branches transfers business or changes the owner, for example, due to the takeover by another company or the merger, reorganization or sale of all or part of the assets, and in case of insolvency, we may be required to disclose your personal data .

How long does Pink store personal data?

We store and use your personal data only during your use of Pink services. When you delete an account, all information, including correspondence, photos, posted posts, etc., is immediately deleted and can not be restored.

Does Pink use my personal data for any other purposes?

We can use materials that you place on the public site in the Pink network for advertising purposes on the websites / applications of our partners. We believe that this will allow us to improve our site and better tailor your online experience to meet your needs.

We use your personal data to resolve disputes, troubleshoot problems and enforce our Terms of Use.

2. Other Pink users

When I post information about myself in Pink, what do other users see?

To allow you to meet as many people as possible in Pink, other users can see your user name and any information that you post on your profile, including photos. Any information that you decide to provide should reflect what you want other Pink users to know about you.

What can I do with the personal data of other users?

Use it to meet new people and make new acquaintances! Remember that it is forbidden to use personal data of other users for commercial purposes, for spam, it is also forbidden to disturb other users or to threaten. Pink reserves the right at any time to block / remove (suspend the provision of services) the user's account for the illegal use of personal data of other users or for any other violation of our Terms of Use.

And I do not violate the rights of other people when I upload photos?

We treat the rights of other people with respect and advise you to treat them the same way. If you upload a photo of a celebrity or public person, please make sure that you do not violate the intellectual property rights. More information about this can be found in our Terms of Use.

Please treat with extreme caution data confidential, uploading your own or someone else's photos to the site. Photos can disclose personal information such as religion and health. By uploading photos containing personal information, you give us direct consent to the use and promulgation of such data. Do not share other people's confidential information without their consent.

By uploading your own photos, you assume all risk. If you upload a photo that contradicts our Terms of Use, we reserve the right to suspend you from using Pink services, and, in exceptional cases, to delete your account.

3. Third parties

Does Pink sell my information to third parties?

No. We do not sell or transfer your personal data to third parties and do not disclose information that can be used to identify the user.

Our company also would like to support a healthy community, and we will cooperate with all third parties to protect their intellectual property or other rights. We will also cooperate with law enforcement requests within and outside your country of residence. This may include the disclosure of your personal data to the government or law enforcement agencies or private individuals, as required by law, when we believe that disclosure is necessary to protect our legal rights or interests of third parties and / or execution of court proceedings, court orders or judgments in relation to us. In such cases, we are entitled to nominate or waive any objection in court or the right granted to us.

4. Storage of data

Where is my personal data stored?

Pink is a global service that works through servers located in several countries around the world, including the USA, Germany and Netherlands. If you live in a country with data protection laws, the level of protection of your personal data may not correspond to the level of protection in your country of residence. By providing personal data, updating the application using the services available on the Pink network, you agree to the transfer of your personal data, storage and processing of your data in any such countries.

5. Security

How does Pink protect my personal data?

Pink carries out reasonable and necessary security measures to protect and prevent loss, misuse and alteration of information under our control, including your personal data. Pink uses reasonable security measures to protect the privacy of your personal data, for example, by protecting the server through firewalls. Our technical specialists are constantly working to ensure that Pink remains safe and secure.

We take reasonable precautions against possible breaches of the security of our application, web site, user database, however no application, website or Internet data transmission is completely safe and we can not guarantee that unauthorized access, hacking, loss data or other violations will never occur. We encourage you to take the necessary steps to ensure the confidentiality of your personal information, including your login information, and also we recommend that you leave the account after use.

We can not guarantee the safety of your personal data at the moment when they are transmitted to our site, any transmission is at your own risk. Once we receive your data, we have security features that help prevent unauthorized access.

How can I help keep my data safe?

You may not disclose your registration information to third parties or share it with anyone. If you lose your registration information or passed it on to someone, your personal data may be at risk. If this happens, please report this to the Support Service and change your registration information. Pink can not be held responsible for your inability to keep your registration data safe and inability to do so could violate our Terms of Use.

6. Your rights

How can I change my profile?

You can change information about yourself in the Profile at any time. Immediately after registration you can view your information in the Profile and change any of these items:

  1. Name;

  2. Profile and photos;

  3. City and country;

  4. Password.

If the information about you has changed, please update it in a timely manner. We strongly recommend that you periodically change your password to help reduce the risk of unauthorized access to your account.

Users in certain jurisdictions, in accordance with current legislation, have the right to request access to personal information about themselves, requesting a copy of the information we hold about them (where permitted by law, we may charge a small fee for this). Please make a request in writing by filling out the form in the Support section.

Can I delete my Profile?

Pink users who want to delete their account from our database, can do this via Pink app:

​- Log in to your Profile, then "Settings" and delete your account.

The withdrawal of consent to the processing of personal data

At any time, you have the right to withdraw your consent to the processing of personal data by Pink services. To do this, just delete your profile. In this case, any information about you will be deleted.

Also, you can contact Support and send a request for the removal of personal data.


Last update: January 05, 2021


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